Bear Creek Ranch

Tim & Katie Mather

Tim and Katie Mather have dedicated their lives to the message of Wholeness that Jesus pronounced in Luke 4:18.

Tim & Katie Mather

The Mathers have traveled the US and several countries sharing and training in deliverance and inner healing ministry. Through the development of Bear Creek Ranch, they have finally seen the beginning of a vision planted in their hearts of a Center for Wholeness where seekers can come for deliverance and inner healing ministry and training.

Tim Mather

Tim formerly served in the pastorate for over 20 years. He holds a BS in Theology from Lee University, a Masters in Theology and Doctor of Theology from Covenant Bible Institute. He is the author of three books: Prophetic Deliverance: The Missing Ministry of Jesus in the Church, Out of Bondage: Identifying and Breaking Control Spirits in the Church and Escaping Church: A Guide to Life Outside the Institution.

Katie Mather

Katie has served alongside Tim in ministry besides raising a family and involvement in business. She holds a BS in Pastoral Counseling from Oral Roberts University, a Master and Doctor of Ministry from Covenant Bible Institute. She is the author of The Five Wholeness Steps.

Anyone who knows Tim and Katie know that they are all about family and friends. They have 4 children working alongside them, Erin and husband Jason, Heather and husband Kevin, Lucas and wife Pam, and Amber and husband. So far, they have 16 grandchildren. Despite of years of ministry involvement serving the Body of Christ, their primary ministry has always been to the development of a healthy family life. They are blessed to have many who call them friends across the US as well as abroad, in traditional churches as well as house churches.

Becoming a Team Member

Interested in deliverance ministry? You are welcome to join the Bear Creek Teams for the next retreat. Some team members participate monthly or every other month, and some come a couple of times per year. It is up to each team member how often they participate.


All team members must have undergone Prophetic Deliverance and attended the Deliverance Training Retreat.


One week before each retreat the Team Coordinator sends out an email. Contact the coordinator to be added to the list:

Returning Alumni

Many folks want to return to a Deliverance Retreat to hear the teachings again to find deeper revelation. Some return with friends who are attending a retreat. Anyone who previously attended a Deliverance Retreat at Bear Creek Ranch may return free of charge as alumni.


Alumni registration is free but we do accept donations. Please contact the office to notify us that you will be returning.


Food and Lodging is currently the responsibility of each attendee. See the Accommodations page for current location information.

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