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The health and welfare of our attendees is of upmost concern at Bear Creek Ranch (BCR.) We believe that each adult attending our retreats has the right to decide how to protect themselves from sickness and disease. The following policy is in place as you attend a retreat at BCR in accordance with Georgia State guidelines and Marriot/Fairfield Inn guidelines.

1. Each attendee is personally responsible for their own health and protection, and assumes all risk during travel and attendance of the retreat. Feel free to take whatever precautions needed in order to feel safe.

2. It is suggested to wear masks in the Fairfield Inn’s public spaces, but masks are not required in the conference room.

3. All attendees should wash their hands regularly and thoroughly (according to CDC guidelines) and if soap and water is not available, use hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer is available in all Fairfield Inn public spaces as well as inside the conference room.

4. Retreat attendance will not exceed 25 people, so it is not necessary to socially distance according to the small group meeting guidelines of Georgia and Marriot/Fairfield Inn. In the conference room, we will be seated side-by-side in a semi-circle, but if you desire more space between you and the other attendees, please let the BCR staff know before the first session begins.

5. If you are immune compromised, please use whatever means to keep yourself healthy while at your retreat (ie. mask, hand sanitizer, social distance, etc.) Let the BCR staff know if you need assistance and communicate with other retreat attendees as necessary.

6. If you come down with any cold/flu symptoms in the days/week leading up to your retreat, we ask that you call and reschedule your retreat at 912-481-4079.



For additional information about deliverance in general and our deliverance ministry in particular, check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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