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  • User Avatar Anonymous

    Thank you more than I can say. 
    Awesome Team. 
    Awesome Staff. 
    Awesome Family. 
    Awesome GOD.

  • User Avatar Terry

    What an incredible weekend. Thank you for sharing your many gifts & your home. I came to Bear Creek ~ heavy & without hope. I left feeling loved, hopeful & much lighter. 
    Thank you ~ Blessings & Love, Terry

  • User Avatar Jimmy & Debra

    We are so thankful Our Heavenly Father allowed us to have a part in what you are doing at Bear Creek Ranch. You have been such a blessing to us. May you be very blessed as you continue to minister to those whom the Father sends your way.

  • User Avatar Barbara

    I wanted to write you all with my deepest thanks for the ministry you touched my life with during the recent deliverance retreat. My husband, children, and all whose lives I interface with thank you too!! God continues to daily take me into new levels of wholeness. Thanks also to Katie's coaching teachings and sessions, and the book Out Of Bondage, which has been a great blessing to my life. 
    The food, new friendships, and laughter were also medicine to my soul. Praying the wounded spirit prayer is helping with the healing of the wounded soul as well. Some learned behaviors have hampered my way, but applying the five wholeness steps, they are losing their power in my life. I hope to attend the Advanced Wholeness retreat. If so, I look forward to seeing you all again an sharing with you the goodness of God. God bless you all, and thanks again.

  • User Avatar John ~ Georgia

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for what you do for the body of Christ. Your gift of hospitality made everyone feel welcomed and loved. Your humor kept our hearts open and light. And your willingness to be open and share your journey allowed others to see that there is hope and freedom as we journey in Christ. As I prepare to launch a new ministry, I will keep in mind the many things I learned and experienced through Bear Creek Ranch. I look forward to visiting soon. 

    With much love and admiration, 

  • User Avatar Carol ~ Minnesota

    Our weekend I learned so much and appreciated both of you and your different teaching styles. I admire both of your dedication and the aftercare phone calls. I think I appreciated the most each week I would look forward to your call, Katie, and working something new out with the Father. We have recommend to several about coming down to Portal.
    I like that no one knew my story and it was totally left to God to reveal it, not my pity party influencing someone. The prophetic deliverance was real. I had never even heard of the spirit that was called so I was truly educated and delivered.
    Thank you God bless you both.

  • User Avatar Rena ~ North Carolina

    Bear Creek Ranch is truly truly a ministry ordained by God! The teaching of God's word from Tim and the entire team (wish I could name everyone, including the children) placed light in places of my heart that I didn't even know was dark. The days at the ranch, the teaching of the word (can't forget the food), was extremely liberating. I'm not just walking in Freedom, but Liberty! This ministry and the team ministers are such genuine people. The teaching on wholeness provides such an insight on not only that we need to be whole after deliverance, but Katie continues teaching after we leave the ranch, how awesome! I encourage everyone that reads these testimonies to know we are not blowing smoke, just check it out for yourself and see the move of God. I speak blessings to the entire staff of Bear Creek.

  • User Avatar Barbara ~ California

    When asked about my experience at Bear Creek Ranch, I find myself feeling good regarding the adventure my husband and I decided to embark upon. To start out, the weekend was one of the most fun and delightful – yet intense – weekends I have had in a long time. Katie, Tim and staff are most kind and gentle; never condemning and processing the truth regarding the respective matters at hand. Pastor Tim makes what could be very hard to swallow, very funny, and nonetheless straightforward. Katie and Tim are masters in what God has called them to and anointed them to be very capable ministers of the wholeness process of the soul.

  • User Avatar Amy ~ Georgia

    My deliverance weekend at BCR was truly life changing. After years of doing a lot of personal work on all my life's baggage, this weekend was a defining moment. Working out our salvation is something that we do everyday of our lives, but there was without question, this moment of finality where the change was so dramatic, that nothing has been the same since. The fearlessness that I always wanted and struggled for, became a reality. Fear no longer controls me nor has a grip on my daily decisions. I feel powerful and capable of walking out all that God has for me. 
    I'm so grateful to all those who invest their time, energy, giftings and love to the Body of Christ thru BCR. Thank you!!

  • User Avatar Joni ~ Alabama

    I first became involved with Bear Creek Ranch by attending a deliverance retreat. I had previously met some volunteers from BCR who told me about the retreats, and eventually I wondered if I might benefit from deliverance. Coming from a Baptist background, I was not fully convinced I needed what they offered, but I had reached a point where I could no longer deny that something would have to change. I was not where I wanted to be in my faith, and I did not have the relationship with God I wanted, though I had done everything I knew to do. I felt stuck, and years, decades even, of worship, serving, fasting, church involvement, etc. had not gotten me where I wanted to be.

    I had many misconceptions and doubts going into my weekend. I was sure the deliverance team would be able to see everything I had ever done wrong. I was afraid of being exposed and embarrassed. I was afraid BCR might be strange and cultish. I was afraid nothing would happen, that this would be just one more thing I’d become involved in that couldn’t help.

    But what I found was a group of very anointed volunteers that treated us with great gentleness and respect in the deliverance sessions. Instead of being weird and cultish, I found (and have since confirmed through further involvement at BCR) that the volunteers are a great and varied group of people from all walks of life that are a delight to get to know and work with. I am proud to be associated with them.

    Tim’s teaching style is as entertaining as it is enlightening. And Katie’s wholeness phone calls after the retreat were where I saw my greatest breakthroughs. I did not have a sure sense that anything particular had happened during the retreat, but upon returning to daily life and working through the material covered in the wholeness calls, I could not deny that I was changed. The landscape of my heart was drastically altered as a direct result of deliverance. And I continue to reap the benefits of my experience at BCR as I work out my salvation (aka, deliverance).

    Highly recommended, even if you’re not completely convinced you need it.

  • User Avatar Lauren ~ Georgia

    Unfortunately “deliverance” has a bad name. Whether it’s because of all the exorcist movies, the preconceived idea of a demon flinging you to the ground while you foam at the mouth, or long-winded screaming sessions that leave people bruised and still in bondage—many people, especially Christians, don’t think deliverance is real, needed, or “of God.”

    For me, the Deliverance Retreat at Portal marked my first day of liberty—the first day of my life when I was finally able to think like a free woman. There was no screaming, no foaming at the mouth, no painstaking 10-page questionnaire. Instead, I felt Holy Spirit’s kindness, I actually received His unconditional love that accepted me no matter what, and was blown away by His ability to delicately reveal the “story behind the story” of random memories from my life. He connected the dots to finally make sense of it all. And by the way, that “squatter” who was living in my house without paying rent, deservedly got the boot.

    If you feel like you’ve been walking in circles for the past years, continually finding yourself battling the same scenario; hope is near my friend. All it takes is your decision to put yourself in a position to experience complete freedom. You’ll wish you did it sooner.

  • User Avatar Megan ~ Georgia

    My husband and I attended a deliverance retreat because we sensed that his clinical depression had a spiritual element that was a barrier between him and God that hadn't been there in the past. We researched the ministry and found that though it was different from what we were used to, it was truly of God, and if it was from God, we wanted in on it! We both received deliverance and prophecy and fellowship and community and blessings and the presence of God in new ways. God brought us there, God blessed us there, and now, 5 years later, my husband hasn't been back to his psychiatrist or on any medication.

  • User Avatar Cheryl & Tom

    It is with pleasure that I share with you and others about the transformation and growth that has occurred in our lives since spending time with the loving, caring people at Bear Creek.

    When I first heard of Bear Creek Ranch and that it was a deliverance ministry; because of past experiences with deliverance ministries I wanted nothing to do with it or anyone connected with it. Even though I was very adamant about this my friend sent me Tim’s book and said that I had to read it. Out of courtesy to her I started reading, but to my surprise, from the moment I picked it up I didn’t want to stop reading. 

    As I read each word, I quickly found my Spirit literally leaping inside of me. I was so excited! I felt that I had finally found someone who had the truth and understanding about many things, deliverance just being one.

    I immediately called my friend and told her I had to get into the session that was happening later in the month. She told me that all sessions were booked for several months and that there was a waiting list. She said it had even taken her and her husband months to get in. I shared with her that I knew, that I knew I was supposed to be there. Without going into a long account of how it all worked out just know that God made a way for me and I was in the session that very month. Praise God for His mercy and love! 

    The enemy tried his best to stop me from attending; even going so far as to attacking my husband on the afternoon before I was to leave the next morning. But God knew what was going too happened and had things lined up so that every detail was taken care of and my husband received surgery from a specialist along the route he was traveling, all within a few hours of the onset of events. 

    From the Peace that I carried and the evidence of change in the way that I was thinking and speaking after returning home, my husband knew that he also wanted to attend a weekend retreat in the very near future. While there he also learned so much about his walk, why certain things had happened in his life and how to finally be set free. Praise God for the changes in our lives, for we are not the same people.

    Tim, Katie and the awesome ministry team at Bear Creek are the most genuine people I have ever met. They give 100% of themselves, their resources, and their time to help set people free. This is a faithful ministry and I recommend and encourage everyone to attend; from those who want a deeper walk with God to those who are struggling and can’t figure out what is wrong. Because of this ministry not only have our lives drastically changed, but the lives of several of our friends. We can’t wait until we can come back and help sow into others as they have sowed into us.

  • User Avatar Patty ~ Georgia

    Be prepared to be blown away by the awesomeness of God and this ministry! This experience will change your dynamics. This time of changing will have a definite impact on your life and will expand your horizons and open up new vistas and challenges. For me, the challenges are exciting. I just can't wait to see what God is going to do for us.

  • User Avatar Janee ~ Georgia

    The ministry at Bear Creek Ranch is a great gift to the whole body of Christ. My experience in this deliverance-healing ministry gave me a new and deep freedom that only Jesus can give. The whole week-end was covered with peace, power and His wonderful presence of Love. I have been in ministry forty years and only wish I could have known this freedom much sooner. I am very excited to recommend it to any believer. Tim and Katie are called, chosen and faithful to what God is doing at Bear Creek Ranch. They are amazing.

  • User Avatar David

    I can't thank you enough. The sacrifices needed in order to produce this kind of ministry may not be evident to all those who have enjoyed its anointing and effects, but I am very grateful to God for all you have done for me and all of the preparatory work you have slugged through in order to get here. I bless you in all the difficulties of your past, because the comfort you have received from the LORD in all of it has flowed into my life, giving me comfort! I hope only that I can continue to be blessed so that I can be a blessing for others. May God bless us together as we continue to just "walk with Him."
    Yours very truly, David

  • User Avatar Jan

    My husband and I have been believers for over 30 years and came to Bear Creek for deliverance in June and found so much freedom that two of our children returned in August of this year. I had been experiencing a "wall" or "blockage" in my relationship with the Lord for a number of years whereby I could not seem to enter into His presence like I had in the past. After deliverance, I began to work with the Holy Spirit closely to begin to find out who Jesus really had made ME to be as opposed to who the world (and the church) had told me who I was. This is not to criticize the church but to honestly tell what has happened since Bear Creek. I have found freedom from personal fears and a fresh ability to REST in HIM now in ways that I have never experienced before. For me personally, I am now experiencing a fun and exciting new relationship with the person of the Holy Spirit throughout my day. He is speaking to me and revealing Himself in ways that I have only heard about from others and caused me to hunger for more of Him. Now I am experiencing more of the presence of God than I ever have before. However I have found that this has only happened FOR ME PERSONALLY, since I have come home from Bear Creek AND have removed myself from the structured church setting. I listen to multiple teachings throughout the week and regularly get together with believing friends and family. For me personally the church structure has actually been a hindrance to my spiritual walk. I love the people in the body of Christ and love Jesus more than ever before however due to specific reasons the church structure has hindered my intimacy with Jesus. I don't know exactly where this is going to lead me in terms of future church life, however I know for a fact that my life has been so much more fulfilling since Bear Creek and spending time with the Lord in a fresh new way. My entire family has been transformed from the moment of deliverance @ Bear Creek. We have all had issues to walk out and are continuing to do so, however now we are getting to the bottom of the issues that were there all along only now together with the Lord we can work through them much faster and more effectively in a demon free body/mind/emotions which makes a huge difference in terms of recovery. Bear Creek deliverance has not meant that we returned perfectly whole. What Bear Creek did for our family is that we now deal with issues of the heart that we were not able to get of because of demon activity and can now allow Jesus and our loving Father through the Holy Spirit to bring healing and insight and wholeness to those wounded areas. The five steps you give, Katie, are so helpful when followed. Thank you Bear Creek staff for bringing deliverance, healing and hope to myself and my family but most importantly thank you for bringing me back into an intimate relationship with Jesus that I have been so hungry for. Our inter- family relationships have improved greatly because we now have keys to work through the conflicts in a demon free zone which we did not have before coming to Ga. Our entire family has been blessed by your ministry and we so appreciate all that you endure as a "family" there taking the "hits" that you take for your willingness to go into unchartered territory for the sake of the Kingdom and wholeness in the body of Christ. We are living proof that it is worth it!

  • User Avatar Evan

    Jesus delivered me, set free from constant battles in my families' life, and from fear of my diagnosis of bipolar.

  • User Avatar Karen ~ Pennsylvania

    I went to a deliverance retreat almost two years ago. I went in need of great healing, and I expected something, i had prayed and fasted, but what i experienced was more than I had ever expected. God met me in that place and spoke comfort to me. Since that time, gradual healing has taken place in my heart and mind, and I can only give credit to the Holy Spirit. What happened there has been the most precious encounter with Jesus, and I am so grateful for the healing and deliverance God has given me. If I start to question God's love for me, I just need to remember the prophetic words that were spoken over me during this time and know that God really does understand the deep pain I have been through, and He loves me so so much. I pray for Tim and Katie and the deliverance teams, they are doing God's work on the front lines. They are crazy for doing what they do but it is SO needed in God's Kingdom, and God will bless them greatly in Jesus Name! I am very excited to go to the Wholeness Retreat. Please consider going to the deliverance retreat!!!

  • User Avatar Margaret

    I am glad that I went. I am free and can walk my journey out to experience wholeness on new levels. My life is forever changed and the friends I have made have helped a lot.

  • User Avatar Linda ~ Georgia

    The God Of The Breakthrough led me to Bear Creek Ranch and worked powerfully in my life through Tim and Katie Mather as well as the trained deliverance team to bring long sought, powerful deliverance and inner healing to me!

    My life has changed so much! The peace, strength, I now walk in are such a great fruit of this ministry. I highly recommend the Bear Creek Ranch as a place to encounter the Holy Spirit's Ministry of Freedom!

  • User Avatar Nancy ~ North Carolina

    Since participating in the deliverance and wholeness retreats, my relationship with Father has deepened significantly. I am becoming more mature spiritually and have clearer discernment in spiritual matters. My husband also participated in both retreats and our marriage is stronger than ever. I am so grateful for this new freedom and have recommended these retreats to others. This is a subject that most people want to avoid, yet so many people are suffering needlessly. We should embrace this wonderful gift of deliverance. Thanks to Tim and Katie and all the team members for their courage and willingness to serve others.

  • User Avatar Jamie ~ Nova Scotia

    Mathew 12:28 “If I (Jesus) drive out demons by the Holy Spirit of God then the Kingdom of God has come upon you.”

    That scripture sums up my experience and life after Bear Creek Ranch better than I ever could.

    I’m still on the front lines, maybe even more than ever, but I’m not cowering in the corner any longer and my life is lining up with scripture for the first time as a Christian. Tim when I heard you’re having a session on kingdom training I knew I would be going back to Georgia and tell the cooks making food at the retreat I still haven’t lost the 7 pounds I gained around your dinner table! 

  • User Avatar Roxie

    Once I heard of the retreat I researched it and knew I was going. I needed deliverance in my life. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I didn't know what to expect but knew I had made the right decision. They made you feel so comfortable and you was able to be transparent. I had a feeling of what my ruling spirit was but they confirmed it. Was given valuable information that I will keep for my life. I cannot wait till I can go to the next step. Wholeness retreat. Super excited. I'm glad God favored me with this chance to meet wonderful people. God bless. Nothing missing Nothing broken. Nothing lacking.

  • User Avatar Mimi ~ Georgia

    Thank you so very much for your ministry there at Bear Creek Ranch. I love what you’re doing. I am exceedingly grateful for the freedom and I’m on the journey to wholeness. The 5 Wholeness Steps have been an excellent tool to deal with toxic stuff coming up. I really loved the retreat setting, structure and flow. I plan to return for a Wholeness Retreat. 

    I pray that no weapon formed against you will prosper. I pray that you will prosper extremely and be even more effective in ministry above and beyond what you could ask or imagine.May shouts of joy and victory be heard and resound in the camps of the righteous of the lord. May His right had continue to do might deeds for you and through you.

  • User Avatar Anonymous

    I have known Tim and Katie for a long, long time. Their ministry to me has been invaluable. I truly believe I am a better person today because of deliverance and wholeness ministry. I am so grateful for everything they've done for me!


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