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When folks come through Bear Creek from all over the world, many are looking for community and other freed individuals. We are establishing new ways for you to connect.

Bear Creek has many Facebook groups for you to connect with each other. (See direct links below.) These groups are moderated by people in those areas. Join a Facebook group in your state/city. If there is not one in your city/state, feel free to join the Worldwide BCR Family.

If you have a heart for intercession and would like to join us in prayer. We meet up the first and third Thursday of each month at 8:00 PM EST in a video meeting. (See direct links below.)



For those needing an extra boost on their wholeness journey, Bear Creek offers Alumni Coaching and Extended Coaching. Check out the Coaching page for more information.


Join a Facebook group in your state/city. You can post about your wholeness journey, ask questions, connect with other freed individuals, join a wholeness group, and more. If there is not one in your city/state, feel free to join the Worldwide BCR Family, or email to request a group be created for your city/state.

BCR Worldwide Family Facebook Group

BCR Worldwide Family

BCR Atlanta Facebook Group

BCR Atlanta

BCR Cincinnati

BCR Cincinnati

BCR Chicago

BCR Chicago

BCR Wisconsin

BCR Wisconsin

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BCR Tennessee

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BCR Intercessors

BCR Intercessors





It's time to gather the troops! The Lord is calling us into a time of deep intercession and you are invited to join the front line. Twice a month we will gather on a video meeting/conference call. You are welcome to join on your computer or on your phone, with or without video. We will be praying together about bringing Bear Creek home, the retreats, the launching of the training center, and more. Let's come into agreement about what the Lord is doing.


The FIRST and THIRD Thursday at 8:00 PM EASTERN TIME. (See all the dates on the Google Calendar.)


Simply click the link below to join. You may join the video call on your computer or smart phone. You can join with video or call the phone number the same way you'd make a conference call.

FIRST TIMERS: You'll have to download the app the first time you log on--follow the prompts to download, and allow use of your microphone and camera. You may want to start 15 to 20 minutes early for your first time downloading.


Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or iPhone one-tap :
    US: +1(773)2319226,,1489689005# 
Or Telephone:
    Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location): 
    US: +1(773)2319226 
    Meeting ID: 148 968 9005
    International numbers available:


The Community Center exists to connect families, clans, tribes, and nations in order to heal relationships with self, with others, and with God.

Researching life among the Israelites, we discover that while there is a personal walk with the Lord, daily life was lived in the context of family. From time to time, the families joined together as clans. Even more rarely, the clans came together as tribes. And only for very unusual circumstances did the entire nation gather together. (Joshua 7:14-15) This is Father’s concept for life in the Kingdom as well. Each Saint has a personal relationship with Father and pursues Him individually. But when isolation is the norm, Saints soon become unhealthy.

The family (by blood or by choice) is the daily life atmosphere for life in the Kingdom. Interacting in these relationships provides safety and security as one serves the other watching our blind spots.

The clan is the model of what we might call our extended family. Often small house groups serve as the context for clan gatherings. The clan should come together in community once a month or several times a month.

The tribe only gathers periodically, which is made up of many clans in a certain area to make new connections and encourage the forming of new families and clans.

The nation comes together on rare occasions to celebrate, to worship, and to fellowship. This is the context of a BCR conference. People from around the world come to our conferences, each bringing their diverse culture, thinking, and worldview to create a glorious koinonia of Father’s presence.

The Community Center exists to connect the Saints to each other. Not to gather members into any sort of club or organization, but to open a door to find other Saints who have been through deliverance and are walking out their wholeness journey. Our mission is to provide a way for families (by blood or by choice) to connect, clans (the extended families) and tribes to meet up, and a conference to gather the nation together.

1. Creating New Families: As folks come through deliverance we encourage the connection of individuals at the retreats.

2. Connecting Clans & Tribes: In order to connect clans and tribes we are creating city/state Facebook Groups for those who have been through deliverance to find each other.

3. Gathering the Nation: The Rendezvous is a yearly conference hosted by Bear Creek Ranch to celebrate and worship our King of kings, and fellowship with the diverse Kingdom of Light.


For additional information about deliverance in general and our deliverance ministry in particular, check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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