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september 2018

After all this time, after looking at dozens of properties, after searching everywhere we walked onto this land and did something quite unique for this crew – we agreed that this is the one. What is interesting to me is that many people think we, because we are family, agree and walk in lockstep, when the truth is, with all the different personalities and levels of weirdness, we agree on little or nothing. But when we got back out of the woods on Sunday morning, we agreed.

We are grateful for those who have prayed us through the wilderness journey to find this wilderness home as well as those who have donated time and treasure to make it possible.

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As you know, Bear Creek has been in transition for about 2 years, leaving Portal, and searching for a new permanent home in North Georgia. Ideas have come and gone, properties have come and gone. Most of those properties were fairly expensive, but also loaded with buildings and structures that did not fit our mission.

Of late, we've felt that we should start with bare, untouched land and build what we want from the ground up. Over the summer the staff has been searching for land that will work for us. We narrowed it down to one and put in an offer on 30 acres.

We feel led to "do only what we can do" with what we can afford, one step at a time. We can afford land right now. Please pray for the land deal and pray into the next few steps with us. Ask the Lord on our behalf what the next step should be and for Him to provide the resources each step of the way.

Thank you for your diligence in prayer.

The Property

The property does not have a street address yet and is untouched woodland so the only photos we have are trees. We will update the slide show as we progress in the clearing and building phase.

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