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Make checks payable to Bear Creek Ranch and write "Ranch Redemption" in the memo line. Mail to:

Bear Creek Ranch
106 Arbor Chase Parkway
Rockmart, GA 30153


Join us in this exciting adventure to bring Bear Creek Ranch home.

We have our eye on three properties in the Rockmart, Georgia area. Several of them have private lakes, buildings to house the retreats, accomodations for guest, and a commercial kitchen. We have an offer in on one of them and we will keep you updated on the process!

Our winter goal is to raise the $250,000 down payment to acquire land in Rockmart, GA. We can't wait to go home!



What a delightful Christmas break and leap into a new year. A handful of people have already started giving to the project. We are so grateful for your love and willingness to support getting to the Ranch. We are discussing the housing options we will have on the property and look forward to throwing a huge party after we purchase land and move in.

We are picking up where we left off before Christmas break, and calling all of our friends to see if you'd like to donate to a down payment. We know the Lord is moving on this project and has already shown his hand of favor.

Meanwhile, keep us in your prayers as the Lord releases the funds to get there.





The Lord has opened a door for us to step out in faith and begin negotiations for a beautiful piece of property here in Rockmart, GA. It all began with a dream, then another, and another. There has been one confirming word after the other for this land. So we made an offer! As we step out in faith, God is revealing how He is the one pulling this off and He is showing His miraculous favor in each step.

Can you help us acquire it? We’ve gathered a team of BCR volunteers to call everyone who has attended our retreats and invite each one to give. If you’d like, you can get a jump on things by calling us first. The Lord is weaving us together for his Kingdom purpose and it is amazing to watch it unfold!

Keep us in your prayers as this comes to fruition. What an exciting time to give!



Have you ever felt excited about the direction you were headed, but it came to an abrupt dead end? As you know, we purchased land last fall. We had every intention of building the Ranch, but we weren’t able to acquire a special use permit that would allow us to house our ministry there. Our Board of Directors decided it was best to sell the land and find another location. It sold quickly and the money we raised went back into the land account.

We've been praying about our next steps and have another property in our sights. Even though it has a higher price tag, it suits our needs far better than the previous property. We can pull off every aspect of the Bear Creek vision there. 

We need to raise the rest of the down payment to get the ball rolling to make sure this property doesn’t slip through our fingers. Our development team is working on the different phases of construction and furnishing. I want to make sure you know that we are still moving forward, so you know how to pray for us and how to help us bring freedom and liberty to the bound and broken. 

The next few steps we take will define the future of Bear Creek Ranch and I’d love for you to be a part of it. Give me a call or email me to invest in this vital Kingdom project. I'll post regular updates on our homepage and in our monthly newsletter as we move along. Or you can call us for a real-time update. We love talking about the exciting new direction we are headed.


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