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As Tim Mather describes in Prophetic Deliverance, deliverance just casts out any demonic presence. After deliverance a person needs to pursue healing for the wounded places in the soul, mind, will and emotions. The enemy is an opportunist to infect these wounded places and keep a person ruled by the hurts of the past. After deliverance, these wounds in our emotions and thinking need to be renewed, transformed.

Five weeks of Wholeness Coaching is included with registration to the Deliverance Retreats held at Bear Creek Ranch, but if you received deliverance from one of our satellite teams around the country, Post-Deliverance Wholeness Coaching is now available to you.

Important Note: Wholeness Coaching is not counseling. It is a combination of audio and written materials, and a weekly conference call with Katie Mather.

How it Works

Each week you will be emailed the week’s topic which includes an audio link of Katie Mather coaching you through the material. The audio is a link to YouTube and can be accessed via computer or smart phone. (If you would like to purchase audio CDs, they are now available in the Bear Creek Bookstore: Wholness Jumpstart and Wholeness Coaching.)

There will be a wealth of reading materials in each email of supporting information. There will be additional information to assist you in your journey. It is all designed to help you take a look at specific areas in need of inner healing and applying it to your life. You will be equipped with a plan to implement the Holy Spirit’s healing into the wounded places.

The Topics

Topic 1: The Healing Path

Topic 2: Healing the Wounds of Loss

Topic 3: Healing the Pain and Anger of Offense

Topic 4: Heal to Forgive

Topic 5: The Power of Your Words



Individuals seeking Wholeness Coaching must have received Prophetic Deliverance at Bear Creek Ranch or with one of our trained teams around the country.


Please call our office at to register for Wholeness Coaching. You must provide the Registrar with the Name of the Deliverance Team who did your deliverance and the Date.




Pay over the phone during registration.

After you've signed up over the phone, we will send you an email link to pay online.

Make check payable
and mail to:

Bear Creek Ranch
512 Scarboro Road
Portal, GA 30450

*Write retreat date in Memo line.


You will recieve an email confirming your payment in full.

On the date stated by Registrar, you will begin to recieve emails
with Coaching materials and a time to call in to the conference call.
(See more information below about Wholeness Coaching and Materials.)



$100 per individual 

Registration Fee Covers:

Wholeness Coaching provides three helpuful avenues of learning: Audio Teachings, Written Material and Weekly Conference Calls.

1. Audio Teachings with Katie Mather

The Coaching email will contain one or two audio teachings on each topic. They are web-based and you will need access to the internet for the duration of the teaching. (Linked to If you do not have access to the internet we have an audio CD available online at Bear Creek Mercantile or pick one up while you are at the Ranch.

2. Written Material

Included in the email is additional written material about the week's topic. The Audio and written material are not the same teachings. They are different and support each other. We wish to provide you with as much information as possible to help you on your wholeness journey.

3. Weekly Conference Calls

The weekly email will have a reminder of which day to call and provide you with the phone number and questions to consider when you call. We encourage everyone to call in once a week to discuss your progress and understanding with Katie as she is a counselor and is excited to share her time with each person who has gone through deliverance. We believe that aftercare is the most important part of the healing process.

About Katie Mather

Katie is the Bear Creek Wholeness Coach. The plan she shares is compiled from her own recovery after deliverance and almost 20 years of sharing that journey with others. Katie has an Associates Degree in Social Services and Bachelors Degree in Pastoral Counseling from Oral Roberts University. She received her Master of Ministry and Doctor of Ministry while on staff as a professor teaching on Wholeness and Inner Healing at Covenant Bible Institute.



“Three words can sum-up my experience at Bear Creek Ranch ~ Profoundly Life-Changing! After attending the retreat, I felt a-new in my mind and soul. Katie & Tim give 100% for this cause. The team is spectacularly supportive. Katie’s follow-up calls were tender and encouraging. Truly, a unique blessing on many levels.”
-Laura, Ohio

Peeling off a Layer

"I would like to share with you and Tim that things have been so good for me the past few months. I feel this is directly related to the deliverance that I experienced. I can say that I feel as if a layer of film has been peeled off of me. I can't even describe how I feel... I feel alive again... I feel like a totally different person... The real me has emerged!  I like the me that I am right now. I am so thankful to you both for what you have given to me. I know it has been the Lord that led me to your ministry. Wow, I am so thankful for where I am today. It's like I have shed the old layer and am brand new again. My joy has truly been restored. Thank you both so much!
-Lisa, Georgia



Read testimonies from those who have attended a retreat at Bear Creek Ranch.

"The ministry at Bear Creek Ranch is a great gift to the whole body of Christ. My experience in this deliverance-healing ministry gave me a new and deep freedom that only Jesus can give. The whole weekend was covered with peace, power and His wonderful presence of Love."

~J from Georgia



For additional information about deliverance in general and our deliverance ministry in particular, check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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